slings, slinging, slung
1) VERB If you sling something somewhere, you throw it there carelessly.

[V n prep/adv] Marla was recently seen slinging her shoes at Trump...

[V n prep/adv] I saw him take off his anorak and sling it into the back seat.

2) VERB If you sling something over your shoulder or over something such as a chair, you hang it there loosely.

[V n prep] She slung her coat over her desk chair...

[V n prep] He had a small green rucksack slung over one shoulder.

[V n prep] ...a police informer with a rifle slung across his back.

3) VERB: usu passive If a rope, blanket, or other object is slung between two points, someone has hung it loosely between them.

[be V-ed prep] ...two long poles with a blanket slung between them...

[be V-ed prep] We slept in hammocks slung beneath the roof.

4) N-COUNT A sling is an object made of ropes, straps, or cloth that is used for carrying things.

They used slings of rope to lower us from one set of arms to another.

5) N-COUNT A sling is a piece of cloth which supports someone's broken or injured arm and is tied round their neck.

She was back at work with her arm in a sling.

6) N-COUNT A baby sling is a device in which you carry a baby, either on your back or across your front.
7) See also mud-slinging
8) PHRASE Slings and arrows are unpleasant things that happen to you and that are not your fault. [WRITTEN]

She had suffered her own share of slings and arrows in the quest for publicity.


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